Friday, October 26, 2012

Mistletoe Cottage

Mistletoe Cottage-
I have lived in my wonderful 3,000 sq ft home for 19 years.  I am going to miss her.  I have so many wonderful memories, but hopefully she will have a new family soon and I going to live in a smaller space.  
I  wasn't sure how this would work, but work it will.  As the mortgage company would not modify my mortgage and I really couldn't fight anymore, it was time to make a change.  I decided on a cottage (manufactured home in a park -shhhhh with 55+ residents)  I couldn't do an this seems to be the right move.  I looked at many places, but I needed a back yard for my doggies and this was "just right' 

view when you walk in
 walked in to this home and fell in love with the space.  Just like a smaller version of my house, but more like a "cottage"

master bedroom

The bedroom is a lot smaller, but it really is lovely.
Front Room
The front room was a "Florida Room" in a past life, but it now is the Christmas Room.  My 9' Christmas Tree fits perfectly and the lights are getting on there this weekend. 

kitchen and dining room
I just love the kitchen and dining room.  I have been baking like crazy in here.  I can still seat 16 for dinner, so it works out great.  A tea party for the "witches" I work with is planned for next week.
I loved how open and WHITE everything WAS.  I really dreamed of white and crisp and shabby chic.  It started that way.  But RED is a must. and of corse you have to have black with that, and so it is!

and with the addition of  chadeliers...... it really feels like home.  I'm still shopping at the old house and bringing over my favorite pocessions.  Though many are going to new homes.
I am in Chandeleria!  I have aquired 2 more, good thing  DH "Santa ' is an electrician and very understanding.

Gotta go move some stuff around.
Goodnight from Mistletoe Cottage, see you soon,
Lori V

blog hop

oh my....I have just had a wonderful time blog hopping and collecting collage sheets from the wonderful ladies from GeckoGalz.  Now I need to get to work and create some amazing projects using these beautiful collage sheets.
Have a great weekend and stop by and blog hop!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Red Chandelier

 Well, Santa John and I have been at Mistletoe Cottage almost 2 months and I am having a wonderful time playing.  Originally I thought Shabby Chic...lots of white, but I can't live without RED .  I saw these wonderful chandeliers that were in color and just knew I had to have one.  However with the budget being what it is, I was gonna have to be creative.  I think this looks makes me happy and John.....he's happy too.
Crystal Chandelier w/brass
Chandelier getting ready for the transformation

120 Crystals and 6 chains of crystals

The center is glass

Before, nice

I love RED

Looking good in RED

Hanging in the Master Bedroom
So, I'm not so sure about shabby chic......Shabby-yes, chic-----maybe not, but It makes me happy.
Living in 1,300. sq ft and I have a new lighting fettish.  Room for 2 more chandeliers.....I'm on the hunt.

More pictures to come of Mistletoe Cottage.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Greetings from Mistletoe Cottage....

Wow, I can't believe how fast time flies.  We have bee linving in Mistletoe Cottage for a little over 1 month.  I am loving this simpler way of living, though I still have closet envy.  Learning to live in a smaller place has been interesting.    I still have lots of my favorite stuff with me.  I have been decorating in orange and black, to get ready for a witche's tea party at the end of the month.  The black lace curtains and table cloth are ready.  Mistletoe Cottage looks more like the Nightmare before Christmas.
I hope to post more later.  I am ready to say goodnight, see ya later.
Greetings from Mistletoe Cottage 10/2012