Monday, November 21, 2011


I have been having a wonderful weekend, and back to work today.  What a great day and it's gonna get even better. Tomorrow is Tea cup Tuesday and I just love reading all those blogs.  I have my favorite tea cup to share with you.  
I have service for 16 of Old Country Roses which I will get to use for Thanksgiving dinner.  I will be cooking for my family which I have done almost all my adult life.  For 3 years my daughter took over and I was just a helper, well with the turn of events this week, I will be getting my old position back. It may be temporary, but I love to do it.  Get up real early and chop all the celery, onions and get the stuffing ready to stuff in the 25 lb turkey my son is bringing.  Oh, one of the big treats is my son is coming to stay for the weekend and help me cook.  When he was just 2 he was in charge of "painting" the turkey with butter and seasonings.  He graduated to washing and getting the "bag"  out of the turkey when he was about 5 and now he does all the heavy work.  All this while we watch the parade and then Christmas movies.  My grandchildren are staying here too, and this will be my first Thanksgiving to share with John....(Santa).  Oh I have so much to be thankful for. I am so blessed.  My parents will be here to!!!  (pictures to follow)

AHHHH but for tea cup Tuesday.....Here is my beautiful Old Country Roses cup filled  with beautiful handmade kewpie dolls and silk roses and organza ribbon and tiny pearls made by awonderful doll artist,for me.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Is it to early for Christmas???? I don't think so.

Hope you are having wonderful weekend.  I am!!!!! Spent the day with my doll friends, it was a lovely meeting.   It's about a 1 hour ride, so I had the top down and sang Christmas songs the whole way there and home. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Work is good, I really like my job and it's getting more comfortable.  Sewing bears.  Watching Christmas movies.
Just back from  WONDERFUL  bike ride to Jim"s Harley Davidson, for the MVP party.  Great time and I got new gloves.  Then out to Cracker Barrell for dinner with John and great friends.  Gonna work on a Christmas project for a little bit and get ready for Sunday.  Hope tomorrow's weather is as beautiful as today.  It was 81 and sunny.  I love Florida!!!!

Come see the wonderful teddy bears at

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where does time go??????

I haven't been here in a long time.  I love my new job and have been working lots of hours.  Still getting my teddy bears ready for show next weekend.  Have been having a wonderful time.  The weather has been amazing, get for motorcycle riding.
I was so glad to have a cold day yesterday 66, I stayed home and worked on bears and watched Christmas movies. What a glorious day.
Just got a chance to stop by some of my favorite blogs and glad to see others getting the Christmas mood.

Last Friday I attended the lovliest wedding.  My daughter's BF Ashley married Daryl and I was so blessed to be included in the day. I LOVE weddings and must cry, it was just beautiful.
I'll be back soon.

lori v