Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunnies at Mistletoe Cottage

  Happy at Mistletoe Cottage w/Santa and the Bunnies


I just looked up the meaning of hoarding......I am there, but working on decluttering.
I have moved in to an adorable little cottage, that is decorated in red and white and I love it.  I have a very big house 3,000 sq feet with all kinds of wonderful stuff.  I moved into the new place in Sept 2012, and left all the STUFF in the other house while waiting for the sale to go thru.  It has been a long and painful process for the past 4 1/2 years. Well the closing on the house is sched for tomorrow, so for the last couple of weeks I have been in clean out mode.  I tried the garage sale route, not so much.  I called my friends and invited them to come have what ever they would like and make a donation, that went well, but I still have so much stuff.  Craft stuff, doll house supplies, shoes, fabric, nic-naks and lots of things.  I brought the remaining stuff home and flipped out.  I have a path to walk thru my front room and I just have to get rid of everything.  I don't want to find places to put these things, I just want them gone.  I don't want a storage bin, cos that will just be throwing money away. I'm hopeing for a miracle. I feel like an alcoholic who hides liquor,  I have found things I didn't even remember I had.


I am finally at peace, The closing on my house is over. 
 God brought a beautiful family to buy the house and I can move on.  It has been a long, hard, sad, frustrating road.  I am grateful it is over.  I am blessed to have had a lot of wonderful  friends and family to get me thru this.  Reams of paperwork to CitiMorgage to try to get a loan modification have been so stressful. Sending letters and death certificates and pay stubs and reliving this over and over for 4 1/2 years. 
I know "it's business" and mortgage companies don't get that your home is more than wood and bricks, but a source of comfort and a safe place to land everyday.  But 4 1/2 years of false promises that they would help me in 90 days, only to be told I needed to send a hardship letter again, or tax returns  that I sent almost every month for 4 years.  It was as painful as loosing Doug all over again. 


Just wanted to share the final straw, so I can move on.  Thanks for listening.

Steve Quaid,

It has NOT been a pleasure.  It has been the worst 4 1/2 years of my life.  I have lost almost everything that I had worked for.  My significant other passed away and all I wanted to do was save my home and I received NO HELP from you or any member of the CitiMortgage team.  You all should rethink how you get "your pleasure"
I am glad this is over and I hope I never have to have any business with CitiMortgage again.

How dare you think that you"helped me"  You told me to pay $52,000. 00 or sell my house,  I did  sell it on July 5, 2012.  and you and the CitiMortgage TEAM took 9 months more to finialize this nightmare.  I pray you never receive the kind of help that you showed me.

God bless the wonderful family that has waited patiently for you and the CitiMortgage Team to get your act together.  

Once again, rethink how you get your pleasure.  I wish you all exactly the same treatment you gave me.

Lori Ventimiglia

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!!!!

Yay, it's the first day of Spring!

It's warm here, and today we had rain. My newly planted roses were singing.  Sunflowers are starting to grow.  My little garden is starting to look nice.

Last night I hosted the Circle of Bears meeting.  We had a lovely time.  12 friends were here and shared some lovely show and tell.  

Well it's finally going to be done.  The closing on my house is set for next week.  The lovely family that is buying my house has done a wonderful job with repairs, that I couldn't do myself.  I have had the task of liquidating my "collections".  I have been so blessed to have had soooooo many wonderful "things" and now lots of them have found new homes.   

i have pics to share, tomorrow.
pleasant dreams!!!!