Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Weekend to all

It has been a long week.  Got lots done, but still no job.  It's a hurry up and wait game.  I send out resumes and wait for call backs and it is like eternity.  (I could use some prayers at this point)  Not loosing hope,  just frustrated.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful family and friends to keep me going.
I have been working on teddy bears, and have been finishing at least one a day, that's pretty good, I think.  Have my mermaid for the CDA challenge almost done (due Sept 1).  And my new obsession Tim Holtz configuration boxes.  I have a small one done that will be part of a doll that I will be doing in a class in September, so no pics yet and the bigger one is going to be for mini Santas and tree collection.  Well that makes me want to do a Halloween theme box and maybe one for my shell collection (or just a tiny part of it-have lots of shells in bowls and jars  and glasses....I just love shells)
Lots of stuff planned for the weekend.... 2 birthday parties, lots of friends to visit and still working on teddy bears.

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