Saturday, January 14, 2012

deep thoughts............aaahhhhhhhhhhhh not so deep but I am amused

I thought I might sit here to stuff bears or dolls.  This will have to be the  first thing  organized
My craft room

Miniature table I built in 1981 with my prize posession, Jo Parker chine in 1" dollhouse scale
Chine Hutch in 1" dollhouse scale.  These are the serving pieces  to go with the china .  Another set of white miniature china is on the 3rd shelf down.

Thinking of getting organized.  I do this frequently ...and then just let the thought goooooooooo.  I have been blog surfing and enjoying some of the most beautiful pictures and blogs for the past couple of hours.  It is so inspiring. I have a beautiful space to work in, but right now it is such a mess I have avoided going in there.  I took some pictures.... and in my fantasy...... the fairys have stopped by and straighted everything up and all the boxes are neat and organized and all the "started" projects are almost finished and I sit down and finish a project and then move on to the next one....but I wake up and it was all a

I have a 12 x 14 room as my craft room.  I have been making and collecting dollhouse miniatures forever.  So they take up lots of space.  I've been trying to dust and rearrange the room boxes.  This room is now ready for Valentine's Day with pink napkins and flowers.  Every piece had to be picked up and cleaned with tweezers, so that's my excuse for not organizing, coz this took like 2 hours to do. I also make teddy bears in miniature ( now getting ready for another on line teddy bear show) another good excuse for not getting organized  and I belong to a doll club and make soft/art dolls.  We're getting ready for a doll class in about 4 weeks, so that 's in the works too.  Lots of projects "in the works".    So I have lots of reasons for being messy, but if those fairys come and clean up, I would be forever grateful.  Oh it is nice to dream.  Now that I've been babbling instead of creating, it is time get back to dreaming.
Good night and pleasant dreams.


vivian said...

decisions decisions! work or play! play most always wins.. unless your having company or can close the door.. i say play!
I love your little miniatures. I have two little old dollhouses (nothing even close to fancy!) and Im dying to turn one into a halloween party and the other into a christmas house. I really should start collecting stuff for them!
have a great day Lori. I hope you got my message about the awesome teddy bear, I love her!

lori ventimiglia said...

I did get your message. wish you were closer so we could work on that halloween miniature!!!!

Sandi said...

Haven't been by in ages! Hello sounds like all is well. Sweet miniatures..I want one day to do a dollhouse but know that I will be completely taken over by it LOL Take care, hugs!