Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A cup of tea........

I am not enjoying day light savings time.  I don't like it dark so early.....but I'll get used to it.  Not getting too much done tho.  We are having a bit of cool weather in FL.  It's 62 degrees tonight.  I am enjoying the cooler weather for a bit.  My heart aches for our friends affected by the storm.  I am just counting my blessings and praying for speedy recovery of power and normalcy.
I have been sitting here, blog hopping for too many hours.  Sitting and enjoying a cup of tea with Santa and blog is good.

last year
I have been reading and seeing all kinds of stuff, getting ready for Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas.  We will be making our first appearance this weekend in Clearwater, FL.....  Santa and Mrs Clause arrive at noon-till 4pm at the Children's Place.  New suites are ready and looking forward to a busy season.
Can't wait to share the new pictures with you.
Merry Christmas  from Mistletoe Cottage.
I saw you on the nice list.....keep up the good work

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vivian said...

thats so cool!! You two make a perfect pair dont you!?
have a great weekend