Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where have I been?????

OMG!  Where does the time go???? I have been blog hopping and loving all these amazing blogs and totally neglecting mine. 
I have been working on teddy bears and fairy gardens and playing in my tiny backyard.  My sun flowers are growing like crazy.  From seeds, I grew Giant Sun Flowers, the first one is over 9' tall and she's almost ready to have her seeds harvested.  I'm so excited, did you know that one sun flower has 1,000-2,000 seeds?  I did not know that, but I'm learning so much about them.   I'll be drying the seeds for 2 weeks after the black lines appear, they are still all white now.  Then, replant the seeds in the beautiful Florida Sun.  My other plants are doing so well and my little yard is full of butterflies.  No luck so far with hummingbirds.....but I'm not giving up yet.  I know they will come, some day. 
I'll share pics of my darling "Sunny"
Oh so much I want to share, but I have to get to bed now.  I'm coming back soon, not gonna be a month again.


vivian said...

Hi Lori! get over here and get blogging girlfriend!!
its a good thing I see you on facebook sometime!
have a happy day!

Marissa said...

I did not know sun-flowers had that many seeds...
I have no luck with hummingbirds either... they must of found a cozy spot in someone elses property...

vivian said...

I should plant sunflowers. I love them.. show us pics Lori!
Im not much of a gardener really. I need to get outside and do some weeding. Today would have been a good day for that.. tomorrow Im going to the beach.. hmmm... maybe sunday then! lol
have a great weekend

Sue P. (doll club) said...

Lori, plant a red honeysuckle plant! The hummingbirds will come. I love seeing them at mine!

Love your sewing room! When you figure out how to keep it neat, let me know. When I am creating, mine is a mess, but I just figure that is a sign of creativity!