Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple things make me happy....

I just love simple things.  I'm still applying for a job and trying to remain positive, tho it is sometimes frustrating.  The best part of this unemployment is getting my creativity back.  I have my Martha Stewart scoring board and lots of paper and the help of BigJohn (my boyfriend) scoring away.  I can't stop.... I love these rosettes.  I'm working on a wreath for Halloween and a surprise for someone made with these rosettes.  I finished another teddy bear (pic to follow).  Lots of wonderful projects.  
We helped unpack my daughter's stuff at her new house . 
It's looking good. Star and Trey are getting married 9/10/11 in their new back yard (or living room, if it rains),so everything has to be put away.  I love decorating and my daughter and son-in-law are letting me play in their house.  Life is good!!

Star trying on her dress for the big day.

Well back to the next project.  Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.


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