Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween "Crakers"

Supplies for cracker project

 I made 13 "crackers"  filled with candy and a surprise (inspired by Sandi @ - the challenge was to make 1 of these).  Tuesday is my Teddy bear club "Circle of Bears" meeting.  We have met on the 3rd Tuesday of the month for the last 19 years.  We have our annual Halloween tea at Sue's house, and it is always lovely.  These crackers will be for a fundraiser for Breast Cancer.  Each one has a letter inside along with candy, the letter corresponds to a gift that will have the matching letters of BREAST CANCER. 2 of our members Pat and Sue will be walking in the 3 day walk and this money will go to them.
Prize for the lucky winner.
Every "cracker" will have a treat, there are no tricks.  One lucky winner will receive the 6" mohair teddy bear. Looking forward to seeing  my bear friends. Have a good night


Sandi said...

Oh and you stepped up to the challenge superlatively!! I can hardly wait to see you post over at Bella and inspire everyone else. You have turned this to a lovely cause...congratulations for such creative and thoughtful work!

vivian said...

your crackers are so cute and that bear is adorable! I was in a bear club for a short time but it was too far away to go and the ladies were a bit stuffy so i stopped going.
have a great day dear!