Monday, December 5, 2011


Santa at the Memorial Service

Santa with me and the elves at the Toy Run @ Jim's Harley Davidson St Pete, FL 12/4/2011

We're getting ready for Christmas....... I love decorating and dressing as Mrs Santa.  Today was the memorial toy ride at Jim's Harley Davidson and John and I were in full Santa attire, it was awsome.  A beautiful sunny day in Florida riding thru the beach with about 2,500 other riders.  Life is good!! Have a Harley Jolly Christmas! 
Amelia and me in our matching hats 2011
mmmmmm, which sleigh shall I take???????

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vivian said...

Lori! I love these pictures! youre a doll! did you know that my hubby is an old biker dude? He doesnt have a bike right now. but he builds antique bikes. His last was a 56 flathead. (uh.. I think it was a flathead...!) anyways, back in the day I used to ride with him, but once I had kids I gave it up. I think he really missed having a bike this past summer. He has built a few over the years, rides them for a while until he gets an offer he cant refuse then sells them and starts over. I think hes too broke to build another right now. but he probably has parts out in the barn to get him started on something else sooner or later!
Love ya!