Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oh my.... I can't believe that I haven't been here since May.  Time sure flys when you're having a good time.  I have been packing and moving and unpacking.  From 3,000 sq feet to 1,200 sq feet...lots of goodies going to new homes.  Have sold a bunch of antique furniture for very little money, but I was blessed to have had it for so long.  The newer furniture is at consignment shops and I have a few wonderful things that still need to find new homes.  I am painting many things white.  I finished the dining room chairs  and the cushions will be black.  It's looking so cute over at "Mistletoe Cottage".  The Christmas trees will be over there next week.  

Taking a break today to spend time with friends.  Next week is the "Moving Sale"  I hope it's a great success.  Too many years of's hard to part with stuff.  But having so much fun changing stuff.
Tomorrow the dining room will be done,  On to the next room.
Have a great day, on my way out.

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