Friday, February 15, 2013

Day After Vday

Happy Valentines Day After Day

I'm not ready for Valentine's to have come and gone.......Time just flies to fast, tho I am happy it is thw WEEKEND!!!!!!  I love Saturdays, but to many choices for tomorrow.  I really have to finish cleaning out my old house, as I have been advised the sale will be closing soon.  It's been so long coming, that I will believe it when I see it....however I must get the rest of my stuff out.  I am trying to rehome most of my dolls and teddy bears as there isn't much room left in Mistletoe Cottage. I have been moving things around here and getting my room boxes/doll houses freshened up.  Trying to have all rooms easily accessible to light.
Victorian Valentine Room

Tea Party in the Christmas Tree
Valentine Cloches

Spring Cloche

Miniature Bunny Collection

Valentine Tea  Party

Beautiful Roses from Santa John

2 One inch teddy bears in an antique pocket watch in a  cloche
I'm really not ready to move on yet, but I better get ready.
I spend lots of time blog hopping, and oooooooooooooo I just get so inspired by the amazing blogs.  I was at  and enjoyed all the cloches in the Cloche Party.  I was hoping to join, but I missed it.  So I included some of mine here.

Time to decide what to do tomorrow, there's a doll show at the Minnreg Building in Largo, FL,  Doll Club meeting, and the need the pack up the rest of my stuff, what to do????????  I have 12 hours to "sleep on it"
Have a great night, pleasant dreams
lori v

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pinkkandy said...

God Bless you and have a great pink day...come on over to My Sweet Prairie Home ...I love company!