Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teddiegirl....I miss her

Teddie  (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
Teddie girl
RIP my Teddiegirl.  
Tomorrow would've been her 7th Birthday, but she left us about 3 weeks ago and my heart is still hurting.  I got her at 10 weeks old and she was a joy, but very stubborn.  She loved me and I loved her.  There is no love like the love of your dog.
Ameila misses her too and she keeps looking for her.

Teddiegirl & Amelia


Debby said...

I'm sorry. She was so young. So hard to loose our favorite friends.

Marissa said...

Teddie rest in peace! Your momma loved you!..xoxo Marissa

vivian said...

aww,, so sorry you lost your dear friend. I miss all my past babies.. I hope we get to see them all again someday. hey, can you send my your new address?

lori ventimiglia said...

thanks for all your comments.