Friday, July 12, 2013

Where bloggers create

Where bloggers create......

I can spend soooo much time looking at
all the amazing spaces.
....and dreaming....
maybe the organizer fairy will visit me!
Oh how I love to visit all the beautiful bloggers, beautiful spaces.  Every year I think I might be ready to share my "sewing room".  There are some days it is so cute and neat and my kind of organized.  Ahhhhh but some days it looks just like this:
my desk

 This is what Amelia-jean  does to the bed.  Everyday she rearranges the pillows.
My beautiful chandelier
Lots of ideas
My Featherweight.  Can't live without her.
Micky-he greats you when you enter "Mistletoe Cottage" or as we call it home!

White feather tree with some fav bears.

a little Christmas House

Some of my miniature Santas

2.5" teddy bear of white vintage nylon

Attempting to be neat

needful things

4" Pink & Black vintage fabric
finished.  Not a lot of finished projects....but LOTS of great ideas.

Amelia-jean, in charge of quality control.

Tea Set

one of many heads

1 comment:

vivian said...

If I ever get to florida again.. I have to come over and we'll have to make something in your craft room! and have tea too of course! though in florida I think it should be ice tea!
loved seeing your creative space lori.
have a great weekend