Sunday, February 26, 2012

My World

 I am the luckiest girl woman .  I have such wonderful family and friends.  I love celebrating my birthday which isn't till March 1, but the festivities have already begun.  Dinner yesterday with John and my friends Joanne and John.  Then birthday wishes at Church.  The Salvation Saloon.

And tonight 
dinner with John's wonderful family, Michelle & Tony, Beth, James, Dalton and Jacob. Then the first birthday cake, made by Michelle, yummmmmmmm  and a basket of her chocolate dipped treats.  And lovely flowers from Beth and Charlene and Jacob.  A perfect day.
Now..... back to sewing,  almost finished with a little peach teddy bear and a swan.  
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 
lori v

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vivian said...

I'm glad your birthday is starting out with a bang! woohoo! and I seriously believe that we should celebrate our birthdays for a hole month!
have fun!!