Tuesday, February 21, 2012

working on teddy bears.

What a fabulous weekend!  My class was awsome.  Arley Berryhill ia a great teacher. My "Fiber Sculpture" (candlestick diva) is almost done.  Just have to sew the head on and decorate the turban.  It was nice not to have to think of hair, just a beautiful head wrap. Great instuctions and everybody's dolls turned out fabulous.  I love my Stitchin Sisters .  My doll club started by Marion Brady and Rose Portman in New Port Richey Florida.  We have been meeting once a month for the past 7 years and what a blessing to have such wonderful people in my life.  Some days I wonder why I make dolls, I love to give them away. I have designed and made miniature teddy bears for 28 years and needed to try something different.  I have met some amazingly talented people in these years.
My first passion is still the teddies.  I am planning a whole weekend of completeing projects and getting ready for the TeddiesWorld Wide Show on line March 23. I just have to get away from this computer.  Blogs.......I am addicted!  and then I had to find Pinterest,   !?!.  Another addiction.  I have even let my "farm" suffer because of it.  OK....I must get back to the real world and do some sewing.
Oh......I was gonna tell you about the Teddy Bear show in Tampa, hosted by Valerie Rogers.   It was GREAT!!!!!. I got to see so many wonderful friends!......but I'll tell you about that later.
Good night and pleasant dreams.


Aledia said...

Sounds like fun! And yes, pinterest is SO addictive!! I could spend hours on there :)

Have a wonderful night!

vivian said...

the whole internet is addictive! I spend hours everyday On line... but I hardly watch tv.. at least on line we're interacting with people, not like watching tv! (trying to justify my time here! lol!)
love the bunny pic!! I LOVE the one you sent me last year. You are so very talented my friend!

Vintage by Crystal said...

Oh wow what a cool piece! Nice job!! :)

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