Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to work........

It has been a wonderful Christmas Season,  A wonderful New Year and a great thing to get back to work, tho my hours are going to be cut.....I'm gonna look at the positive side.

Feather Tree from my BFF Debbie with ornaments that she made
Now onto getting creative again.  I spent all day yesterday looking at blogs and getting inspired.  I made some yoyos for a future quilt,  made some fabric flowers and a 4" teddy bear.  I intend to keep busy and enjoy everyday.

I will get my Christmas lights put away tomorrow and the other outside stuff packed up, but My trees remain where they are, and they make me happy.

Flowers from circles

Well I'm getting back to that little bear, he needs eyes....the better to see you with my dear.

Good night!!

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vivian said...

sorry about your hours being cut.. that sucks, though on the other hand.. it does leave more play time!
looking forward to seeing that new bear. Im planning a new bear too.. hopefully soon!