Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sewing Room

Sewing Room.............. I love to look at all the beautiful, organized, neat sewing/craft/studios.  I dream of being organized and neat....but I'm not and I have got my room sort of organized.  Every other room is RED and white with black, so I went with PINK and white with some black and I love the way it looks today....still somewhat neat, not sure how long that will last.

Bulletin board with favorite pictures and small treasures

lots of stuff

I LOVE my featherweight

Santa's closet in my sewing off limits to me, tho I dream of sneaking some of my stuff in there

SStorage that I thought would look neater

This is how I really work, with my stuff in a tray that I can move from place to place.

Lovely Lighting

Glitter Fairy

Basket of Kwepies

Gum Drop Fairy (Mark Roberts), who watches over my kitchen

Red and Pink Mercury Glass Hearts, from my fav place Home Goods.


Anonymous said...

I was sitting here, needing to clean house and straighten my "room". Daydreaming of ways to improve my "room". And the laptop was close, so I just stopped by. Forget the other needful stuff,right?
Looks like you have lots of crafting going on! Happy Pink Saturday!
Enjoyed my visit, Jenn
PS I'm showing off my mom's vintage embroidery swatches this weekend. Hope you can stop by. Jenn

Sue P. (doll club) said...

Love the Kewpie basket!